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The Complete and Wonderful Internets of Stefan Hammelstein

Stefan - Serious Stuff

Welcome to my website. This is quite obviously not a very serious place. I've had many websites in my long life - some better, some worse. This is the better one. The others were worse.

I can't think of anything serious to say right now. I'll let you know if something comes up.



Noel - Tolkien Prophet

Noel Q. von Schneiffel, known alternatively as Noeel Quickley, is a weird preacherman who calls himself a "prophet of J.R.R. Tolkien". Dressed in a white robe and wooden sandals, is he constantly spreading Tolkien's words - or at least his own interpretation thereof - and defending him against heretics. He sees Tolkien's books as holy texts and Peter Jackson's films as blasphemy.

TolkienTruth.info Noel's own website, a place full of truth. So he says.

Noel on Facebook You can find Noel hanging out here


Shion - Anime Affairs

Shion Ozu is a supporting character from the underrated anime series "Coppelion", based on the manga by Tomonori Inoue. She is a genetically modified clone, has super strength and is immune to radiation. However, she is not the brightest crayon in the box. Noel sees her as his "waifu" and is the administrator of, to my knowledge, her only Facebook fanpage.

ShionOzuCoppelion My Shion Ozu fanpage on Facebook

Shion Fanart Gallery Pictures I made with Shion on them.


Bqggz - TEUNCy Things

Bqggz the Orc, known also as Baggy or Bagronk, is a short, green, friendly orc who wears an old beer barrel as armour. He came into existence as a character in the humour / roleplaying group TEUNC. Bqggz is a staunch communist and follows his Dear Leader, a sentient handkerchief named Bluh.

He is in charge of all the old, archived TEUNC stuff on this website.

TEUNCNation Shrine The virtual countries of the TEUNCNation game

teunc.org/Fredonia Virtual country Fredonia, where Bqggz and Bluh run the communist county Hell



The website of my "Tolkien character" Noel is my most extensive online project. Completely overhauled and filled with new content, this beacon of Truth features now more Truth than ever. Well, at least Noel believes all of it is Truth.



The virtual country Fredonia was a collaborative project with the group TEUNC-Classic. Each of us built and ran one or several counties there. Mine was the communist orc county Hell. After TEUNCNation, this was our last and most detailed world-building effort, mostly created in the years 2008-2011.