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Bqggz the Orc

The Complete and Wonderful Internets of Stefan Hammelstein


Welcome to my website, which is mostly full of J.R.R. Tolkien and anime, and quite obviously not a very serious place.

I have had many websites in my long life - some better, some worse. This is the better one. The others were worse.

Bqggz' TEUNCy Things

Bqggz the Orc, known also as Baggy or Bagronk, is a short, green, friendly dude who wears an old beer barrel as armor. Originally a character from the roleplaying group TEUNC, here on this website Bqggz is happy to present archived things from that world.


The virtual country Fredonia was a collaborative project with the group TEUNC-Classic. Read more...


The Fredonian Academy of Tolkien Studies, our virtual university. Read more...

TEUNCNation Shrine

The virtual countries of the TEUNCNation game, which we played in 2003-2005.


Personal website of The Count (mirrored)

The Wildschwein

Öjevind Lång's poetry and stories (mirrored)