40 Days Race - Stations and Rules

The 40 Days Race was a collective adventure that we had in TEUNCNation. Several teams from several nations raced through the continent of Balrog Cuttings.

Their task was to visit the following national capitals, in the correct order.

1. Tolfalas City, Tolfalas (Start)
2. Thorn, Trimerga
3. Yojopolis, Yojopia
4. Balrog Cuttings, Teunc
5. Groovyton, Somnat
6. Maggstadt, Maggestan
7. Khazad-Dum, Khazadstan
8. Wibbleopolis, Wibbletrask
9. Mt. Korvatunturi, Mornie Utulie
10. Lund, Harjager
11. Orkograd, UOSR
12. Neo Edo, Black Dragon Empire
13. Wee Bull City, Weebull
14. Rogopolis, Roggytopia
15. Unkle Moth, Jezistan
16. Junck City, Aadjunckistan
17. Tolfalas City, Tolfalas (Finish)

The contestants had to stay at least a full day in each capital, go sight-seeing, and write a travel report.

For the journey, they could use any vehicles they liked, on land, sea or air. Ideally, the journey would be completed in 40 days or less.

The fastest team would win the grand prize: 100,000 kg of finest CHOKLIT!


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